The ePresence Fluid Web Deployment (FWD) Site

Welcome to the ePresence FWD site. It is designed to help you evaluate Sitecore and understand the key concepts about the Sitecore architecture. Sitecore is a platform to deliver business-specific content management solutions. The Sitecore platform enables customers to implement solutions that meet their needs without compromise. The ePresence FWD site is here to help you understand what those building blocks are and how to use them. It can also be used as an accelerator for proof of concepts or as a test bed for add on modules.


Getting Started

An article section covering the discussions and considerations important for setting the project up for success.


Our Strategy

An article section covering the initial strategy considerations for the ePresence FWD site.


Building the Site

An article section covering the implementation details around putting the site together.


Optimizing the Experience

An article section covering the ongoing and continual improvement of the site, from personalization to testing to analytics.


Built-in Functionality

There are quite a few features and controls built into the Fluid Web Deployment process that can aid you in putting together an effective and visually pleasing web site, one that will meet your business needs and that of your customers.