Dynamic Placeholders

At times there may be a need to build a page layout view not already provided by FWD. If building a custom one is not an option then Dynamic Placeholders may be the solution.

Understand that using Dynamic Placeholders is not as easy as using an existing FWD page layout view and it doesn't offer as robust a Page Editor experience as you would be used to using. Using Dynamic Placeholders is for more advanced Sitecore content authors, but with some understanding of how the FWD Dynamic Placholder works and being well versed in using the Advanced tab of Sitecore's Page Editor, you can build a completely custom layout on your site without any coding.

This page you are view right now was built using Dynamic Placeholders. It consists of the "One Column" layout view and two "Two Column" layout views. To understand how to use Dynamic Placeholders, refer to Section 2.2.4 of the Fluid Web Deployment - Technical Overview document.


About ePresence

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Getting Started

An article section covering the discussions and considerations important for setting the project up for success.


Built-in Functionality

There are quite a few features and controls built into the Fluid Web Deployment process that can aid you in putting together an effective and visually pleasing web site, one that will meet your business needs and that of your customers.

Building the Site

An article section covering the implementation details around putting the site together.