Built-in Functionality

There are quite a few features and controls built into the Fluid Web Deployment process that can aid you in putting together an effective and visually pleasing web site, one that will meet your business needs and that of your customers.


Fluid Wed Deployment offers several different sublayouts to display media based content on a page. These sublayouts can help in showcasing a business product offering through image galleries and viewers.


Fluid Web Deployment allows for two types of navigation controls or sublayouts right out-of-the-box. The default navigation sublayout is what is referred to as Basic Site Navigation. This sublayout gives a simple hierarchical representation of the site structure with standard popup menus when top level items are hovered over. The other navigation sublayout is the Responsive Mega Menu Navigation sublayout. This sublayout displays the top level site items as any other navigation control would, but when these top level items are hovered over, custom Rich HTML menus can be displayed with virtually any type of HTML content inside of them.